This semester, as you continue to develop and reflect on your teaching practice, consider submitting a pitch to publish in the English 100 Blog, CompPost


CompPost is a blog produced by the English 100 program at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The purpose of CompPost is to create an ongoing, online learning community around first-year writing at UW-Madison and beyond. To that end, our main goals are to serve as a creative outlet and professional development opportunity for English 100 instructors, to help foster institutional memory of our program, and to collect resources to support a robust culture around teaching composition. It was founded in 2019. 


We envision CompPost as cultivating a site of rich discussion that will highlight all the many important nuances we attend to when teaching composition within our innovative community of practice. CompPost is committed to issues of diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion–in terms of the language we post, our publishing practices, and the content we prioritize. 


Writing for CompPost is a great opportunity to process some of the work you are doing around teaching English 100 and get feedback from a growing readership, all while earning an attractive publication line on your CV. We are excited to publish a variety of types of projects–focusing on anything from pedagogy, curriculum, assessment, research, reflection, reviews, and beyond. See the list below for some common genres that might help shape your contribution: 


Genre Approximate Word Count Genre Features
Vignette 250 words A brief narrative description or account of an event related to teaching composition
Teaching Tips variable A lesson plan, writing assignment, statement of philosophy, or other resource you’d like to share, with a bit of context for how it relates to the larger picture of your teaching practice.   
Review 500-100 words A review of an archive of articles, a book, or another relevant artifact, particularly making connections to how the work(s) are relevant to teaching composition
Essay 1000 words A longer development of an idea or concept as it relates to teaching composition. These can be research-driven, personal narratives, profiles, histories, and/or commentaries on current events/conversations about the teaching of composition. 
Multimodal  n/a Posts that move beyond written alphabetic text as the primary mode of communication. 


CompPost reviews submissions on a rolling basis–send us your brief pitch to start a conversation about publishing today!:  

Any questions or comments related to CompPost can be directed to