Student Writing Award Winners, 2017-2018

We are thrilled to announce the winners of English 100’s Student Writing Awards for 2017-2018. These compositions are student submitted and evaluated by a team of experienced English 100 instructors and administrators. We award compositions in four categories: Narrative, Informative, Critical, and Multimodal.

The winning essays in the Narrative, Informative, and Critical categories are published in the English 100 Course Readings Website. The multimodal winner is published here and on the English 100 channel on Kaltura Mediaspace. We encourage students and instructors to use these as examples for discussion in your classes, and we invite submissions every semester through our website.

Narrative Category

“Oklahoma!” by Alicia Lawson

“An Eye for an Eye” Leaves Everyone — with a Lifelong Autoimmune Disease? by Katie McGlasson

Informative Category

“The Boys Who Fall: The Impacts of Concussions on High School Football Players” by Allison Siegert

“The Sticky Burger: Employee Satisfaction, Performance, and Empowerment in the Fast Food Industry” by Delaney Greene-Gretzinger

Critical Category

“Refuting Capital Punishment in America” by McKailah Strang


“Homework Podcast” by Sophia Madore